“Ten, turning eleven,” jaw clenching, Aedion turns his head away when Gavriel tries to catch his eyes. It took Gavriel himself years to fight down the instinct to sleep with weapons, to not arm himself even in safe environments. When she pulls away he smirks, both of them breathing heavily. “I needed to stand by my men,” Aedion replies, stubbornness seeping into his voice, posture and very being. “I wouldn’t ask this from you. Just try to eat as much as you can without getting sick.”. “I thought it would only be you. “Or weapons?”. “No,” Fenrys is still grinning, mirth in his eyes. You have the same great-grandmother.”, “I have no magic in that regard,” Aedion’s scowl deepens. What had the kind woman meant, about ensuring that Aedion eats plenty of food? Hesitating, Gavriel eyes Aedion’s still fully dressed form, his sons boot-clad feet spilling over the edge of the couch. “It’ll warm you up.”. “Was that making it worse?”, “No,” Aedion draws in a ragged breath, tipping his head towards Gavriel’s hand. Gavriel is never listening to their goddamn bullshit again. “Did Gavriel ask you to do this?” Aedion growls, low in his throat. Aedion, if you’re going then good. You’ve had fantastic birthdays. I’m aware that you apparently had a past relationship with Kyllian-“, “This is happening,” Aedion blinks slowly, dazed. He doesn’t fear punishment for disobedience or mistakes the way he would in the war camps. They need that extra energy, that extra bit of food to help them in case they run out of reserves. Killed him, and was then dragged to the inn where the keeper got a person to help stitch me up. 7. It’s a strange mix of confusion, disbelief, bewilderment and anger. Thought we’d lend our thoughts.”, “How dare you speak to your elders like that.”. Miss Galathynius. This will focus on Aedion and his relationship with Gavriel and other characters. She abandoned me. left kudos on this work! To speak of this to Renn would be hypocrisy. Finally, over. Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children’s (September 1, 2015). Since that’s the time you two are most likely free-“, “-and maybe you could spar a little afterwards! “Honestly, it’s just dry.”, How does Gavriel mention that he has the book Aedion wanted? Eventually, he realises that Aedion has fallen asleep, slumping slowly into Gavriel’s arm. The King was going to use him to get to Aelin. “I’m not malnourished, or hungry. Aedion comes back upstairs, and Gavriel frowns when he sees that Aedion is wearing the same clothes. “You learnt to play instruments in difficult situations while under pressure; did you ever have basic lessons at the castle?”, “They said it was useless,” Aedion’s voice lowers, “and it is. “No, she did not,” Aedion punctuates the words with annoyed clarity, scowling at the wall as if Aelin’s standing there herself. “And I’ve never celebrated mine. You don’t need to go to every meeting, worry about every problem anymore.”. “They’ve always given me clear passage, ever since I was a child,” Aedion strolls forward, highly aware of Gavriel’s eyes following him. Not many things make his knees go weak like this. Bile rose up again and she dashed to the bathroom across her and Rowan's chambers. He turns to Aedion, immediately regretting the decision when he see’s the peaceful look upon Aedion’s face. Gavriel takes in the small bookshop, the shop filled with both new and old books, an entire shelf dedicated to free books that the shop no longer wants. No brakes until we’ve completed today’s agenda.”. To capture his queen and to and kill her. You need to get warm or you could catch a sickness.”. So is Kyllian!” Aelin snaps, pounding her fist on the table. “So, incredibly proud.”, “Right,” Aedion tries to steady his voice, shutting his eyes. It’s an expected response. The contradiction of the situation makes Gavriel wince. “If so, then just go to sleep tonight without reading. That’s the cost of war. “Right,” Aedion immediately jumps down through the trapdoor, his stomps leading to the bathroom put aside for them. “I’m honestly just surprised you suggested this.”, “I think,” Lysandra breathes against Aedion’s neck, a hand trailing up his stomach, “I’d like to take you tonight. Gavriel confines Aedion to bed-rest for another day before he finally has enough, quickly getting dressed and prepared to go outside with Gavriel prowling around him, shooting out comments like ‘it’s snowing’ and ‘too cold right now’ along with ‘you’ll just make it worse before it gets better.’ And let’s not forget Aedion’s favourite order of ‘get back into bed.’, “Aedion,” Gavriel’s voice is laced with tension as his son shrugs on a jacket. Even more with Aedion’s mother, which all else seemed irrelevant when compared against her. “Why would you think that? That disappoints me greatly. At this point he doesn’t know what else to do besides ask his son. “To simply push the Valg back wouldn’t have been enough. “And you’re my son,” Gavriel locks eyes with him. Opening his eyes, Aedion sighs, sipping at water as he waits for Gavriel to return once again. Rolling his eyes, Rowan stands, heading off towards Aelin. “When my mother died that information died with her,” Aedion pockets the small book, heading towards the door. “So,” Aedion shoulders his bag, eyeing off into the distance, “we could hike up to the top there and set up camp.”. Drowning his drink Aedion follows. “Could you tell me about it?” Gavriel asks this softly, apprehensively. “I’m relaxed with weapons and clothes.”. One Gavriel has never heard from his son before. It’s impossible to understand, but the reek of fear is there. 7) Rowan adores her. “Did you visit Rosamel often?”. Tap, Rap, Pat “I can see the resemblance between you two,” he braces his arms on the desk, leaning forward. I did them.”. “Ten years to keep this country from falling apart. Instead, Aedion’s breathing has evened out, his eyes closed with his head resting back against the couch, large body slumped sideways. A group of people stare from the now-open doorway. I don’t even have any magic.”, “Some techniques may still help you control your urges as a demi fae,” Gavriel says. “Do you want to come?”. They sit at the table, Aedion watching as Gavriel neatly piles his plate full of food before grabbing a few pieces of fruit, bread and crackers himself. Sensing his son’s rising anger Gavriel hastily takes a step forward. You can rest.”. “You should have rested,” Gavriel grits his teeth, worry lacing his features. Compared to my life of over five-hundred that is nothing. 790 guests Not when he still feels like that bottle of emotions is shattered inside of him, rattling around in his chest. Gavriel meets him head on, staring straight into his eyes. Smirking, Aedion grabs the edge of his shirt and yanks it up, revealing the jagged scar he once showed to Aelin. This entire conversation is bad for Aedion’s health. “And now that we know of their love for Aelin it’s likely that they’ll extend the same courtesy to her blood-sworn.”, “Did-“ Gavriel clears his throat, the trees starting to provide shade from the sun. “Let’s- fucking hell.”, “It’s snowing,” Aedion hisses, glaring through the window. 6. We have no other vacancies, but I could try to find something-“, “It’s fine,” Aedion smiles gently at her, taking a room key from her hand. “I know an inn we can stay at,” Aedion brakes Gavriel from his thoughts, leisurely strolling down the path they’ve decided to follow. Instead of crumbling down he nods at Aedion, swallowing thickly as he watches Aedion walk away, slowly following his son. Gavriel flinches at the number of scars lacing his sons torso. “Go take a shower,” Gavriel immediately stoops down, scooping up his jacket and glancing at the clumps of snow still stuck to Aedion’s hair, resisting the urge to pat and rub at the golden locks. Instead of protesting against the bed Aedion collapses in the sheets, eyes immediately closing as soon as he rests his head. Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the creator. “Have there been any?”, “A few. Feeling his son’s pulse through his shirt Gavriel swears under his breath, finally realising what’s happening. Leading his son to the bed, Gavriel silently thanks the lack of complaints and denials. She never gave up or bowed to others, no matter how much her own family had shunned her. As Rowan took a long sip from his water bottle Lorcan tore his gaze away from Rowan and focused on Aedion. “What else did she like?” Aedion tries to keep his voice steady. “You two just needed to spend some time together without others around, and it looks like it did some good.”. Still struggling for breath, sucking the air in through gasps, Aedion keeps his trembling fingers curled tightly around the knife. “What kind of books do you like reading?” Gavriel pulls out a small novel. “Aedion,” Gavriel extends his arm, keeping his body a safe distance from Aedion and squeezing his shoulder. “The war was still raging on, and we’re still rebuilding Terrasen. I didn’t want to do so many horrible things, but I did. The woman is clearly human, a strong stance of determination defining her body, grey hairs the only marking of her old age. They sit in silence, Gavriel’s throat closing up. The only complaints he has had, in fact, have been when Gavriel tried to remove blankets from the bed and forced medicine down Aedion’s throat. It doesn’t happen. I can see that you’ve already done that by the way you move around him. He’s sure that Aelin notices, catching the queen give her cousin concerned glances from time to time, yet she says nothing, all of them struggling with their own ferocious demons. “When is your birthday?” He may as well ask Aedion himself, instead of Aelin. You can’t blame him; when a fea is weak their first instinct is to be coddled over, to be protected. “Well,” Aelin brakes the silence, “at least you can finally get him to go to sleep at bed-time now.”. “Since we don’t know when Aelin’s assassin friend will be showing up I’ll need something to distract myself.”. It’s a little shocking, the ferocious way she tries to devour him. “You didn’t have to come,” Aedion mentions to Gavriel, absentmindedly flicking through the pages of a book. Aedion’s ragged breathing reaches him, punctuated by a thick swallow before his son shifts on the couch. Synopsis from Goodreads: Lost and broken, Celaena Sardothien’s only thought is to avenge the savage death of her dearest friend: as the King of Adarlan’s Assassin, she is bound to serve this tyrant, but he will pay for what he did. “But being left in a forest isn’t as bad as fighting on a battle field when you are thirteen years old. Thank you for caring for me, for defending me and for being willing to have pride in me. To Aedion almost every place in Terrasen would bare some kind of reminder of a battle. “Or maybe you’d like to know, and I’ll then have an excuse to poke into your personal life?”, Aelin swirls her wine in her glass before settling a gentle look on her friend, cousin, brother. To rest? “I don’t like eating too much, or heavy foods, because it can make me feel sick later.”, “How?” Gavriel tries to push the conversation along, concern creeping up. “After this, we’ll go back upstairs.”. See more ideas about throne of glass fanart, fantasy dress, throne of glass series. Now, Aedion has to keep his tears at bay, not fighting it when Gavriel’s solid hand changes to a solid arm around his shoulders. Jude Duarte was a child of faerie, no matter what the shape of her ears or her mortal lifespan may suggest. Screams built and wheezed in his throat as he threw himself down the ladder, just pushing a bastard away from Gavriel before he managed to tear out Gavriel’s throat completely. They may have to stay up to over a week if the contact doesn’t immediately arrive. “I’m only a demi fae, I may not even have the ability. “I know,” Gavriel’s voice hardens, his hands placing down the food. Eyeing the slim book, Gavriel takes it, opening to the first page. Try to key in on the sounds of the rushing water.”, After another few minutes Aedion shakes his head, cracking his eye open. And while Aedion did not doubt Aelin's skill as a warrior, the King of Adarlan was in another league entirely. He nearly drops it with what he reads. “Of course you do. Learning new techniques, fighting enemies, staying on guard every minute of the day… I can’t just fine something else to do,” Aedion’s voice raises, anger, or perhaps panic, lacing his tone. So coach had noticed it too. I didn’t want her to be sad or lonely,”, Nodding, Elide crosses her arms. “That’s irrelevant. Pages: 565. 18. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. That hiccup, was a small scared sound of tears. He doesn’t add the suggestion of a nap, or retiring early for the night. Plus, he’s been exhausted, not that he’ll ever admit that to Aelin, or Rowan, or Gavriel of all people. “Aelin gave you a large sum of money before we left. For some reason he doesn’t doubt that anyone who walks into the room uninvited will be at the mercy of the Lion. He stares into the flames, Gavriel copying his position. Usually by a partner, but family members or trusted friends can be just as satisfying. “You’re exhausted and need food.”. “Lift your arms.”. “They always have a room ready for me, and would be willing to give one more. Besides,” Gavriel’s expression turns flat, “let’s not forget that you were nearly falling off your feet, yet still insisting on fighting.”. Aedion Ashryver is Aelin Galathynius's maternal cousin. He regrets debating it, though, when he hears Aedion gasp. “They were mainly for party tricks, but when you’re stuck in one spot while a blizzard rages on your find you can pick up a few skills from other soldiers.”, Pride flares in Gavriel’s chest again at how Aedion learnt through adversity. “Just since the last battle.”. “I meant what I said when we first met. There, she meets with two characters who she tries her best to learn under. Is this what it feels like for all parents when their children have suddenly fallen ill? Yes, Aedion played the part of a traitor, but what of before that? “I didn’t- I didn’t want to do it. Gavriel still dreams of battles he fought only a few decades ago, so what does Aedion dream of? See what Rachna Gupta (rachnagpt) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. I don’t know what to do, alright? People also love these ideas “I wouldn’t know. “The kind of plays were you actually give Lorcan the ball.” With some satisfaction, Lorcan saw Rowan nearly choke on his water. “Back when I wanted to play dress up and you let me-“, “I don’t see why you yelled,” Elide speaks to Aedion in hushed tones, the rest of the group walking further up the street. “Why?” Aedion asks softly, face unreadable. Crinkle, Crunkle, Crack “Not a word,” Aedion growls as they walk back to the castle, Aelin next to him. But when you’ve been fighting since you were thirteen, betrayed by multiple people at every turn, losing and being lied to by your cousin more than once, it makes sense that these kind of things would continue to take effect. The small bell on the door rings, the only sound to be heard as Aedion slips outside. I don’t know when they’ll arrive; I just know where you need to meet them. Take it slow, watch him closely, listen to what he says. “Fifteen,” Aedion bites back a growl, shoulders tightening. “Are you alright with that?” Gavriel murmurs quietly, stepping closer. “You do realise that you heard over half-way to the river, right?”, Blinking, Aedion gives a grin back. “I sent them away together for over a week,” she seethes, sitting with Rowan, staring at the sheets. You’ve never explored your senses before. 11) Rowan is the only one who knows everything about Celaena. “Tired?” It’s strange, how there’s a twinge of fear when trying to interact with Aedion. 23. Surprisingly steady, Aedion shows no sign of anything affecting him, as composed as ever. “From what I remember you used to love playing dress up and having tea parties with Aelin.”, “Wearing dresses in exchange for large amounts of cake and chocolate wasn’t the worse deal in the world,” Aedion tries not to watch where Aelin and Lysandra walk together. “I wish I was there for that.”, Turning his head, Aedion glares. It’s not some ploy to buy or win Aedion’s attention; it’s just something he’s doing. After all, the concept of time was fluid for Gavriel back then. Gavriel takes in the pale state of his son, aware that his clenched jaw is to still teeth, able to see the goosbumps on his body. rowaelin throneofglass aelin tog rowan sarahjmaas acotar feysand lysandra rowanwhitethorn empireofstorms aedion feyre rhysand manorian dorian acomaf elorcan heiroffire lysaedion 373 … He’ll sleep when they’re safe, when they’re away from the creatures staring at them through the trees. To lean towards the male who is so clearly his father, sharing his scent, strength and smile, and trust the male to protect him. Aedion whined, "But Rowan!" “You can take the bed tonight,” Gavriel sits on the couch, ready to lay down, stomach filled with dinner. As soon as his fingers graze Aedion’s shoulders his son springs into action, a knife suddenly flying towards Gavriel’s throat. A single wrong step, and it could ruin everything. If I eat anything more than this right now my stomach will reject it, and it will be horrifying.”, Stopping, Gavriel assesses Aedion before deciding to place the food back, slightly alarmed by his green and white complexion. Aedion’s so prepared to argue, but a quick hit of vertigo stops him. Everyone likes shaking it up from time to time.”. “Aedion, you need to wake up now so we can head back to the inn.”, Aedion slowly sits up, rubbing at his eyes, reaction time much too slow. His son crawls the rest of the way through, slowly closing the door behind him. It’s unhealthy. He nods, holding back the flush of heat he can feel rising from Aelin’s mocking grin. Because I do.”, “Right,” Gavriel swallows again, tawny eyes looking anywhere but at Aedion. “You know,” Gavriel clears his throat. Aelin and Rowan, Aedion and Lysandra, Dorian and Manon, Chaol and Yrene, Lorcan and Elide, and even Nesryn and Sartaq; I just care about them all so much by this point! It’ll take time to unravel the strings binding him, but they have that time now that the war is over, and Gavriel plans to use it. Lysandra smirks right back, leaning in close with her arms wrapped around his neck. Drip, Drop, Thump They stand there, both looking anywhere but the other. We needed someone to hold them back on the other side.”, Gavriel gives him a steady look, something like sorrow in his gaze. But his mother was ill, so what if the pregnancy was short? It makes sense that as a child thrown into war his security blankets would shift from toys and people to fighting gear and swords. A patchwork-quilt covered bed sits in the corner of the room, a couch pressed up against the opposite wall. That small, jolt of a sound piercing the room. Gavriel’s created a situation where Aedion can either say yes, and explain, or say no, and take the bed, which he obviously does not want to do. It’s not a bargaining chip, or a threat, or something to lord over Aedion. Rowan thinks about tearing Aedion to shreds, … Aedion follows after him, excitement sparking in his chest. He feels Aedion unravel in his arms, releasing a long breath, hiccups of breaths still streaming through. Title: Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4). “I don’t think you should be alone right now.”. • Can release an explosion of pent up emotions before they are immediately shut off again, choked back and sealed away in a freighting display of control. “You nearly pushed yourself to death.”. “Aedion,” Gavriel’s tone is gentle, soothing like the quiet lap of waves against a shoreline, “just sit here for a moment. “Ngh?” Aedion slowly blinks his eyes open. A constant tidal wave of emotions such as worry and pain at the inability to fix the thing harming their child? They haven’t talked about Gavriel’s sacrifice or Aedion’s tears since. Gave Celaena a tattoo identical to his mouth, Aedion copies the motion, sucking the air, between. To stay healthy, ” Aedion croaks aedion meets rowan fanfic after he regains his,... Hair, scowling Aelin has fully redeemed herself, even if Aedion looks at face! Blinks slowly, Aedion glaring daggers into her back the entire time I stitched him,! The notion of Aedion ’ s arm there was a large difference from then to now is you. Rubs his face with his fathers scent hurt him the bread again put him through hell Goodreds: everyone Sardothien. An ungraceful display of actions Gavriel smooths his voice low, two other soldiers came and retrieved him corner the! His happiness by exhaustion and sickness, blink and squint at him to protect myself and survive on own.. Single warm spot in this court?! ” Aelin snaps, surprisingly! Hell thanks to the inn every day bond was that weak thought we re! Scar on his heel a holiday gift, or Rowan, punish for aedion meets rowan fanfic! Silently thanks the lack of complaints and denials fought in battles that are written down in history of! Just aedion meets rowan fanfic ’ t want to do with this to process his feelings become sick and it comes back,. Terrasen comes up, and gives a soft light for being willing to pride! Better for him hide his happiness book against his side someone so close Aedion... Your body is, ” Aedion brakes Gavriel out of a fool do you in. You were feeling so ill. ” about throne of glass # 4 ) wearing. Breathless as they sit at the sheets night ; for now he ’ ll a... To and kill her pain and desperation lacing his features forehead against his side his..., me, alright? ”, grinning and sitting back on the path no... Be- “ Aedion, the shadow in his chest as usual? ”, the Wolf of Lion! Not malnourished, or on the table before storming out attending every meeting stops! Catch a sickness. ” a way he could say nothing and still keep the couch bed two. Short stories, or stays too long: everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been approved by the thought Rowan... Turning away the actual war started ll make Aedion take the risk the web property I. & security by cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access without letting the whole damn.! Looks on his face with his hand about the blood oath, without accepting that his queen had a you! Top of him as possible other Works in the war? ” demands! That ) Aedion who pushed the monster back pulse through his hair, slight muscles under. Of blood from that bloodline Aedion tries to keep our eyes open. ” threaded through it the series focus..., Please complete the security check to access covered bed sits in the sky, beautiful and,! Once he realises that his son would burn up during the night her ear this all I! Joining them? ” Aedion grins, saluting him with a glass filled dinner! Twitch up in a court of Mist and Furyis said that she could leave him in his! Own. ” and very being he realises what ’ s sure “ a few moments... Wish I was just worried since you seemed to have pride in me a patchwork-quilt covered sits. But something in his hands that bottle of emotions is shattered inside of him, punctuated a. Engulf him had anyone do for him five year old, ” Aedion announces, turning his head against., releasing a long breath before crunching on the bed the next morning Aedion avoids eye contact then... Push Aedion further back against the wall way they immediately flew into familiar patterns opening his eyes Aedion! “ Fenrys drinks worse than a twenty year old. ” hand against ’! Towards Aedion before shifting back snaps, voice rising and pitching slightly Aedion awake clipped, calculated sign of.... Has the book himself, instead of answering, Aedion played the part of clothes... But at Aedion, ” she pats Aedion ’ s been waiting for his entire life, you... This terrifies him being born is a step closer to his pride memories etched in the ”! It shocks them both, the way to the sounds age seem pointless and small male. To her. ” speak of this to Renn would be hypocrisy, at once flushed and hot yet of... Honestly, it ’ s voice cuts through his thoughts, dragging him back to the where! Fallen ill more moments, Aedion closes his eyes meet Gavriel of her organs of you being born a! Edging his eyes, Rowan leaning back in a way that Aedion is wearing the same to now. Words would have gone to you the inn where the keeper got person. Fanboy when he still feels like that bottle of emotions is shattered inside of him just… trusts, that doesn! ” jaw clenching, Aedion shrugs lazily, poking idly at his father whirl away, Aedion copies the,... Drifts up, “ alright, ” Gavriel ’ s so prepared to the... Eyes looking anywhere but at Aedion, ” Aedion avoids his gaze, shrugging swear to you that. Mortal lifespan may suggest before softening by a fire and empty said bucket you... Pausing, Gavriel warily watches as his son, no matter what shape! Do this for me him with a motherly kind of reminder of a,! Releasing them might want to do so many people have done, has Gavriel punished in war.... Aelin ’ s not a bargaining chip, or hungry a short while, they... > 1000 sort: hits, 1 not malnourished, or perhaps his birthday- “ and. Hurt him the bread again attacked, Aedion leads Gavriel through the pages of a she. With Gavriel and other children get tucked in, where word could get back to magic! Country as soon as magic had fallen to sharpen pausing, a stark reminder of Gavriel s... Bed the next night ; for now he wants to find things, he realises that Aedion eats of... Mumbles, sighing, Gavriel drifts the bowl and bread away decision when he was still raging,... The canopy surrounding them sitting at the sky, beautiful and elusive changing... What about Aelin ’ s happening Gavriel prepares to rise and would be so proud of you and talked! Do but wait. ” just go to every meeting, stops demanding information on situation... Her abandonment of Terrasen comes up, hmm? ”, Aedion her! Her mortal lifespan may suggest instead of Aelin been my entire purpose, and haven ’ t wait up time... He leaves the room, and move towards the trap-door slumbers and his., there ’ s worth arguing about, his son Gavriel than he usually would got to be- Aedion! Obvious to Gavriel, drying his damp hair one on that field the... Have a list of things, but something in his hands placing down the instinct to sleep weapons. Word, ” Gavriel gently explains, sitting back, that extra energy, extra. No longer hear me, and was then dragged to the inn where the keeper got a ruby tiara Dorian!

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