All … I have a filter and a heater. They tend to hide and appear depressed when they are lonesome. Clear editor. First establish and maintain a healthy environment making sure it is one that is compatible with all of their needs. Don’t be alarmed because it’s just something they tend to do. I ada tank yars ago with a snail problem until I introduced clown loaches ....problem gone.......BTW those 6 inchers look great..... Its kinda silly,,,, I never really wanted clowns.... all my years keeping tankmates and aro's I never bothered with loaches. This page contains all information that is necessary for having a happy Clown loach; Feel free to use a form at the bottom to share your experiences or ask questions in case you cannot find answer on anything regarding raising Clown loaches on this page! This friendly but shy species of fish is also known as scale-less fish – the extra small scales embedded on its skin are difficult to see with the human eye. × The page has been removed successfully, you will be redirected now! It was my understanding that all clown loaches were wild caught, with no confirmed captive breeding yet? They go crazy for them, I have hundreds of MTS and would throw dozens in at a time and they loved them and helped them bulk up and grow really fast. Gradually heating the water to approximately 88 degrees Fahrenheit will speed up the lifecycle of the parasite, not giving it enough time to reproduce. Well i am sad to report of my first fish loss since i started my obsession about 6 months ago :( I had finally got round to getting the two fish i really wanted (Red-tailed black shark and a Clown Loach) and as soon as i have them one of the Loaches goes and dies!! I figured they were from sumatra, Im not sure if they are recent imports or not but they are eating prawns like crazy I feed all my fish twice a day super worms and prawns and i try the pellets every other day and its just the barbs and silver dollars that really eat them. In my experience clowns burn up a lot of calories and need a morning and evening feeding to stay in good shape.   Your previous content has been restored. Type your valid email in case you forget the password. The tank should have subdued lighting, a soft, preferably sand substrate, and numerous hiding places provided made from rock-work or driftwood. If you've ever seen a school of clown loaches, it's hard to resist bringing a couple of them home. I was told shrimp pellets So i will be trying those for sure but what else can i give them in large quantities? I added a second one to ensure proper aeration and filtration of the aquarium water. For now, I put the clown in my 15g snail tank, to hopefully fatten him up. Then you will be ready to start raising a happy family of clown loaches. clown loach chromobotia macracanthus live tropical fish aquarium tank community. (121) 121 product ratings - screwcumber, great feeding aid - plecos, clown loach, malawi cichlid/snails etc. Make sure your email address is valid, please! Do you have any pics of how the spray bar is set up at all? The safest way is to naturally treat your tank by introducing a submersible heater. Other articles where Clown loach is discussed: loach: Among these are the clown loach (Botia macracanthus), an orange fish about 13–30 centimetres (5–12 inches) long and marked with three vertical black bands, and the kuhli loach (Pangio kuhlii), a pinkish, eel-like species about 8 centimetres long, marked with many vertical black bands. Selected comment has been removed successfully! I recommend keeping your loaches in a planted aquarium, however the choice of plants differs greatly depending on whether you keep juvenile or adult clowns. They also like frozen brine shrimp and beef hearts as well as various flake foods. Unfortunately questions regarding fish, plants, diseases or tank setup will be ignored if submitted via the form below! I moved the rest of the tanks and equipment bit by bit to my apartment. Information about the maximum size of the clown loach varies, with some estimates ranging up to 20–30 cm (7.9–11.8 in), and with typical adult sizes ranging from 15–20 cm (5.9–7.9 in). They should be fed fresh vegetables, algae wafers, and good quality fish food in the form of flakes or pellets. (function(){for(var g="function"==typeof Object.defineProperties?Object.defineProperty:function(b,c,a){if(a.get||a.set)throw new TypeError("ES3 does not support getters and setters. They should be fed fresh vegetables, algae wafers, and good quality fish food in the form of flakes or pellets. The temperature of the water also influences the migration. During the day they sleep in the same house and hide together but at night, it seems like the little one is afraid to come out too and my big loach chases it all around the tank, when it does come out. The Clown Loach is also entertaining to watch and feed. Decorate your aquarium using a bottom substrate of sand or fine gravel that allows them to dig .   You cannot paste images directly.   Your link has been automatically embedded. I wonder if yours are ones I shipped to Alberta hobbyists? It will be 2 weeks of treatment this weekend with Rid Ich Plus. Click here to recover it! It is a fact that clown loaches take years to reach sexual maturity so the larger fish are much more expensive and difficult to find in fish stores than the juveniles. They appear to be either recent imports, or nutrient deprived fish. As mentioned, clown loaches are extremely well-behaved, peace-loving community members, and would not usually disturb or eat up other species. This box will close automatically! I had the temp up to 85 and now I've lost 2 of my 7. The loach is about 6”. Posted October 6, 2010 (edited) The 2mm or 3mm sinking pellets from NLS will provide excellent results with your loaches. During the wet season, Clown loaches will move into faster flowing streams and tributaries. "),d=t;a[0]in d||!d.execScript||d.execScript("var "+a[0]);for(var e;a.length&&(e=a.shift());)a.length||void 0===c?d[e]?d=d[e]:d=d[e]={}:d[e]=c};function v(b){var c=b.length;if(0
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